Planning a Special Event- How to figure quantity of wine & beer needed

Are you planning and special event this year, such as a wedding, family gathering, and etc.
This is a rough formula to help you figure out just how many bottles you may need. Of course all depends on how your guest drink, where it is a open bar, or limited bar. But hopefully this will give you a guideline to get you started.

Wine: Calculated with 750ml bottles and 5 ounce serving.
Each bottle has about a 5 glass service of 5 ounces. Again this will depend on how it is poured, could be more or less servings per bottle.
Take the number of guest and divide by 5, this will equal the approximate total of bottles needed. Multiply that by the amount planning on serving per guest. As a extra precaution add 1 more bottle per 20 bottles you are purchasing.
100 guest  divided by 5 servings per bottle=20 bottles x 4 serving per guest= 80 bottles. If you know of the number of children and non-drinkers you may eliminate them from you calculations.
Please check with the store you are purchasing from that they will refund you for any unopened or tampered with bottles not used. Be aware they may have a policy against this. Remember to always include both a white and red wine.

Beer: Again this will depend on if your are having a open bar or limited bar. Figures are a standard 12 ounce bottle.
Take the number of guest and multiply by 4.
General rule is 4 bottles per guest.  To figure Beer is pretty straight forward. As beer comes in 24 bottle cases.
100 guest x 4 = 400 bottles divide by 24= 17 cases of beer.

But remember when try to figure all this out, not all guest drink alcoholic beverages.  And not all drink wine or beer. If you can figure a rough idea of how many guest drink what, you will be able to cut the volume of wine and beer purchased. but always remember to add a couple extra bottles to your total- guest can surprise you. A few may partake just on special occasions.

One of the best ways to help cut cost is to make your own. Find a local “On Premise” Wine and Beer Store. Discuss with them about what you may like to make. Then set up to have a gathering of your friends to make what you will need. It is always a special feeling to know that you made it yourself, and that it is a great quality of beer and wine.




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