Blackberry Wine

After years of making my wine from great wine kits, I decided it was to up the game and start making wine from scratch (somewhat-baby steps). So a few weeks ago  I made a blackberry wine. So far so good- now the challenge is to get it to the finish line-lol.
I use Vintner’s Harvest Blackberry Fruit Wine Base. Followed the recipe that was on the label. I checked the gravity yesterday and re-racked it, also took a little sip–a little sharp- but once it ages, I think it will be pretty good. Though I am thinking about sweetening it a bit more. Will let it age in the carboy longer and think about before bottling.
It seems to me that home made scratch wines are a little higher in alcohol content. But like any wine it will mellow out with aging. Can hardly wait !
Don’t be afraid- give it a try ! It is actually fun. The hardest part is waiting for it to age 😦

Happy SippingIMG_0368


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