Figuring Alcohol %

Ever  wonder what the alcohol % was in your home crafted wine and/or beer?  Well I have, so I set out to learn more about it. What I learned on this voyage was somewhat amazing. There are very professional formulas that involve air temperatures and etc ( very scientific). But I wanted something simple, some formula to give me a close, general idea of how much alcohol was in the product I was drinking and making.
There are online calculators simple and professional types. I will put in some links of places I have been, please check them out.
Some general information for you is that the average wine alcohol content is 11-15%. And for beer is it 5-6%. But please not that these numbers can vary on the style and type of wine or beer you are making.
There are a few abbreviation that you will need to know.
%ABV = Percentage Alcohol By Volume
OSG = Original Specific Gravity -first reading at the time of making wine must or beer wort
FSG = Final Specific Gravity- last reading before bottling.
* Special note: I take a reading at each step. This tells me if everything is on track or not.

You will need a few pieces of equipment.
Wine Thief – tube to help remove liquid from it’s bucket or carboy
Hydrometer -there are various styles with may more reading available
Hydrometer Test Jar- Place liquid from thief into to take hydrometer reading.

wine Thief
Hydrometer Test Jar

I can continue this conversation but there are better articles that can explain this better than me. At the end of this blog I will link some places for you to visit.

Here are the formulas that I use. They will give you a general idea of what the alcohol % is.

Wine Formula:
%ABV= OSG-FSG  divided by 7.36 multiple by 1000

Beer Formula:
%ABV= (OSG-FSG) multiple by 131.25


Please check these links out- as they have great information.

Happy Sipping


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