Finally a Keeper

In this past year I had decided to make some fresh fruit wines. After my third attempt, I finally came up with a keeper !nana's strawberry wine

I made just a one gallon batch this time. I juiced 4# of fresh strawberries. Juicing did take some of the color away- but still works nicely. The wine cleared easier. As with most home made fresh wine it turned out a little more ABV than I wanted. So just before bottling I added some Wine Conditioner to sweeten it up a little. This process is called “back sweetening”. I can hardly wait for it to age a bit and drop a few fresh strawberries from my garden in a glass and enjoy.

The recipe I used was in  Winemaker’s recipe handbook. It is one our best selling books for beginners. All the recipe are scaled for one gallon. Very straight forward and easy to follow.

The Wine Conditioner I used was from the Global Vintner. Contains the sweetener and the potassium sorbate.  The potassium sorbate will inhibit the sugars from starting to ferment again.
Now I get to play with a blackberry wine i started a few months ago. but this one is a 5 gallon batch . Wish me luck !


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