Trying Something New


I am trying something new. I have made two good fresh fruit wines, a strawberry and blackberry. So on to a new adventure.
We just started stocking the Vintner’s Best Fruit Wine Base in the 1 gallon containers. So figured I had better learn the process of working with this product. Was it SO easy ! Instructions on the bottle. I made a strawberry and rhubarb. Not to wait for them to ferment and clear. I want to try and mix the two at bottling time. As that was one of the favorite fruit blends in our area.
Do you want to try  new hobby? Well that’s how our store got started ! My turning a home hobby into a business. The neat thing is there is something new all the time to learn and experiment with. Plus I get to talk and listen to some of the elders stories and adventures in making wine, beers and etc.  And as many places, we have a rich history in home crafted beverages. But those stories are for another blog.
Come and check out this product ! Any question, please leave a comment.
vb fruit base20160712_12240643
Happy Sipping


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