Calories and Beer

Everyday I spend hours in my office. First getting the daily book work done, checking e-mails, Facebook,  reading new articles that are sent me through email and other social places. Then I double check the calendar of events and or appointment we have in the store. As I receive e-mails from several other web sites on a daily basis, which I will link at the bottom of this post for everyone.

Well in today’s e-mail from Brad Smith of, he took a look at the calories in beer. Nice, because I was always wondering. I will not post the entire article here, but just the part I feel the general public would be interested in. Will add link to site so you can read the entire article if you want.
Brad Smith Partial Article on Calories:
“Calorie Counting
“I’ll start with the god news first-an average 12oz. commercial beer has slightly less calories than a comparable soda or even a glass of juice. An average American lager (say Budweiser at 5% ABV) has about 145 calories for 12oz. A Coke classic runs about 155 calories for 12oz. and orange juice is about 184 calories.
If you drink light beer, they generally run from 110-112 calories per 12oz and have slightly less alcohol(average of about 4.2% alcohol), placing them well below regular soda or juice. Premium beers run a bit heavier- a Sam Adams Lager or Boston Ale has about 160 calories and high alcohol beers like New Belgium Trippel (7.8% alcohol) contains215 calories in a single 12oz serving.”

There is much more to this interesting blog. Here is the link  to the entire article:

They also have a neat program for beer recipes. I use it here at the store when I am converting or writing my own recipes. Worth checking out if you are into home brewing.
Another blog I read daily is from the ECkraus Company. They have many years of experience in the wine and beer industry. Here is the link to their blog main page:

Well this is all for the day

Happy Sipping !


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