Strawberry and Rhubarb Wines coming Along

Today we transferred our Strawberry and Rhubarb wines into the carboys. These are the two I made from the new fruit juices from Vintner’s. Super easy.
Took the gravity’s and etc. and they are on target. Also took a taste test. Was pleasantly surprised. The strawberry was sweet, but not overly sweet. Smelled and tasted like fresh strawberries. The rhubarb was sweet with the natural little tang of a rhubarb. The colors are, in my opinion, very true to the fruit they are made from. The hardest part is going to be waiting for about 2 weeks for them to clear. Then we get to play some more. Mixing half of each batch together.:)  Strawberry/Rhubarb Wine Blend- Which is always a big hit in our area.

strawbeery wine
strawberry wine
Rhubarb wine
Rhubarb wine

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