Just Hilarious

Sometimes you just never know what may happen when you make your own fresh fruit wines. Finally made a small batch ( 1 Gallon) of fresh strawberry wine, and I called it My Keeper. Featured in a blog below.
Has been bottled for a couple weeks now and all of a sudden the corks start popping. Thank nana's strawberry winegoodness no bottles broke, but the cat had some fun chasing a cork around my dining room. Took a look at the other bottles and found out they had carbonated. Woot- I have “sparkling  wine ” !! And is it good !! As a lover of Sparkling Wine- this was a treat- now just to get the rest drank up before they pop their corks-LOL.
Had a few bottles stored here in the wine room here at work. Was greeted with a fresh wine smell this morning-checked the wine room and sure enough a couple more bottles had popped their corks. All I could do was laugh. Gathered the remaining bottles and re-bottled them into proper bottles with the proper corks and wire tie down. Hopefully this will work. 🙂
The only problem I have is to figure out how this happened. Have tried a couple time to get the hang of making sparkling wine, and so far nothing that I have been real happy with. I went back over my records and everything was correct, all the gravity’s were good all the way though the process. Will have to figure this out- as I would love to repeat this happy process again, but under a more controlled situation.

Re bottled Strawberry Sparkling Wine

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