What to do with left over wine

I guess the title is a little misleading–
I know most people will laugh and say “What’s That ! ”
For me it is not unusual. As I am about the only wine drinker in my household. I will open a bottle and enjoy a couple glasses or cook with, then the rest of the bottle sits. Then before I know it, it has been several days-not very good drinking by then.

Well I have started a new adventure ! Why not make my own Wine Vinegar’s! So I have been reading articles and watching a lot of youtube about making vinegar. Plus earlier this year one of my vendors put in a line of vinegar mothers. So that really peaked my interest.

One of the articles I ready and am trying is a natural way of making vinegar and it’s own mother (starter). You can read it at  http://www.winespectator.com/drvinny/show/id/5023
I already have a batch going.

Today my shipment of Supreme Mother of Vinegar arrived. Now I anxious to take bottle home and try a batch with it.  More about his company :http://supremevinegar.com/mother-of-vinegars/

There are 5 different styles of Mother Vinegar starts from the Supreme Vinegar Co. Their web site has tons of history and information about vinegar.. Worth taking a look at.

So now there is no reason for wine to go to waste

Let me know if you make your own or try -will be interesting to hear from ya’ll !

Happy Sipping


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