Mother Nature’s Bounty

Here we are in the middle of summer ( about) and some of the berries are ripening. The first thing I think of making is WINE !!!. But it does take time to gather enough berries to make even a single batch of wine. So how do we preserve all these lovely’s until we have enough.
The best method I have found is to clean and freeze at the time you pick them. This way your cleaning time is shorter, but that does depend on the size of land you have planted. Mine is small, just a little corner of our parking lot here at the store :)Another reason I like to freeze is because it helps to kill the radical bacteria and wild yeast. There are many other methods, but this is the easiest for me here at the store. Takes just a couple minutes in the morning.
My little patch of strawberries produce almost enough fruit for a 1 gallon batch this year. Still a few berries ripening, just may make it 🙂

My grape are doing real well also. Can hardly wait to see how many pounds I get this year.
Also looks like a good crop of noble hops this year. Planted 2 new varieties this spring, but but with the late (very late) snow fall in the spring , they are growing slowly. But that is okay, they will make up for it next year.
Now don’t laugh to hard at my gardening skills, I know they look a little rough- but they are all doing well-LOL

My Little Strawberry Patch
My Valiant Grapes
My Noble Hops

Happy Sipping!!



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