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Shandy !!!

It is that time of year that we are busy busy- so not much time for my blog. Sorry:(

But did get some new Shandy’s made finally ! Now can hardly wait for it to carbonate !!
I made a kit of each Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit. I tried a taste of each and so far my favorite is grapefruit. 🙂 If you like Shandy’s Style Beer- give these kits a try .Sure they will coming out with more flavors. At least I hope so- as Cherry Shandy is my very favorite.

Would like to say Happy Holidays to All!!


What to do with left over wine

I guess the title is a little misleading–
I know most people will laugh and say “What’s That ! ”
For me it is not unusual. As I am about the only wine drinker in my household. I will open a bottle and enjoy a couple glasses or cook with, then the rest of the bottle sits. Then before I know it, it has been several days-not very good drinking by then.

Well I have started a new adventure ! Why not make my own Wine Vinegar’s! So I have been reading articles and watching a lot of youtube about making vinegar. Plus earlier this year one of my vendors put in a line of vinegar mothers. So that really peaked my interest.

One of the articles I ready and am trying is a natural way of making vinegar and it’s own mother (starter). You can read it at
I already have a batch going.

Today my shipment of Supreme Mother of Vinegar arrived. Now I anxious to take bottle home and try a batch with it.  More about his company :

There are 5 different styles of Mother Vinegar starts from the Supreme Vinegar Co. Their web site has tons of history and information about vinegar.. Worth taking a look at.

So now there is no reason for wine to go to waste

Let me know if you make your own or try -will be interesting to hear from ya’ll !

Happy Sipping

Proper Beer Glasses

As I have mentioned before, I am always reading articles about my craft of wine making and beer brewing. Read this article by David Ackley about the use of the proper beer glasses. Decide to past this information along. Will add link to full article at the end of this post.

Proper beer glassware enhances the positive aspects of your homebrew, with different types of beer glasses highlighting different qualities.

So what are some of the different beer glass types and their uses? Below we’ve put together a somewhat comprehensive list of the glasses you’ll run across when drinking your brews. This is a menagerie of glasses that you may want to consider having on hand when serving you your own homebrews.
Proper beer glassware enhances the positive aspects of your homebrew

GobletGoblet – Ideal for Belgian ales and Berliner weiss, the goblet features a wide mouth for easy access to the beer’s complex flavors and a structure that supports head retention.

FluteFlute – A flute is a narrow beer glass that tapers towards the bottom. The shape gives the viewer a good look at carbonation and helps release the pleasing aromas of gueze, lambic, swarzbier, and Vienna lager.

PilsnerPilsner – The pilsner glass is similar to the flute, but it has a wider mouth. The change in shape showcases color, supports head, and encourages aromatics of – not surprisingly – pilsners, but also blonde ales, bocks, and witbier.

Pint Glass Pint Glass – Of all the beer glass types, this is the all-around go-to glass. It is versatile as it is common and is ideal for many of your favorite beers, including amber ale, altbier, English bitter, brown ale, IPA, porter, and pumpkin beer.

SnifterSnifter – The snifter, just like what you would use for brandy or cognac, is a smaller version of a goblet with a lip that turns inward, capturing desirable aromatics. Snifters are smaller than most other glasses, making them a good fit when drinking higher gravity beers. Use a snifter when enjoying barley wine, Belgian dark strong ale, double IPAs, imperial stouts, and tripels.

StangeStange- A strange is a relatively narrow beer glass type with no taper.It concentrates aromas into a narrow channel and gives the drinker a good look at the beer. Stange glasses are appropriate for a number of styles, including altbier, bock, lambic, and rye beer.

Stein Stein – In German, “Stein” means stone. For years prior to the widespread use of glass, these large mugs were made of stone. Go to Germany today and ask for a “Mass stein” – they’ll give you a full liter of suds. Steins work great for Oktoberfestbier.

TulipTulip – The tulip is one of the great all- around beer glass types for evaluating your homebrew. The glass’s shape gives a good sense of color, enhances aromas, and holds a big head. The tulip works especially well for saisons and other Belgian styles.

Weizen GlassWeizen Glass – The weizen glass is designed for wheat beers. Its size allows for a large serving of the refreshing beer and a big, wheaty head while also helping to enhance aromas. Use a Weizen glass for all types of wheat beer.

Don’t get to hung up on using the “proper” glass for your beer-just make sure you are enjoying the fruits of your labor 🙂

Link to full article :!

Hope you enjoyed this blog–now will have to find one on Wine Glasses !

Happy Sipping!

Just Hilarious

Sometimes you just never know what may happen when you make your own fresh fruit wines. Finally made a small batch ( 1 Gallon) of fresh strawberry wine, and I called it My Keeper. Featured in a blog below.
Has been bottled for a couple weeks now and all of a sudden the corks start popping. Thank nana's strawberry winegoodness no bottles broke, but the cat had some fun chasing a cork around my dining room. Took a look at the other bottles and found out they had carbonated. Woot- I have “sparkling  wine ” !! And is it good !! As a lover of Sparkling Wine- this was a treat- now just to get the rest drank up before they pop their corks-LOL.
Had a few bottles stored here in the wine room here at work. Was greeted with a fresh wine smell this morning-checked the wine room and sure enough a couple more bottles had popped their corks. All I could do was laugh. Gathered the remaining bottles and re-bottled them into proper bottles with the proper corks and wire tie down. Hopefully this will work. 🙂
The only problem I have is to figure out how this happened. Have tried a couple time to get the hang of making sparkling wine, and so far nothing that I have been real happy with. I went back over my records and everything was correct, all the gravity’s were good all the way though the process. Will have to figure this out- as I would love to repeat this happy process again, but under a more controlled situation.

Re bottled Strawberry Sparkling Wine

Strawberry and Rhubarb Wines coming Along

Today we transferred our Strawberry and Rhubarb wines into the carboys. These are the two I made from the new fruit juices from Vintner’s. Super easy.
Took the gravity’s and etc. and they are on target. Also took a taste test. Was pleasantly surprised. The strawberry was sweet, but not overly sweet. Smelled and tasted like fresh strawberries. The rhubarb was sweet with the natural little tang of a rhubarb. The colors are, in my opinion, very true to the fruit they are made from. The hardest part is going to be waiting for about 2 weeks for them to clear. Then we get to play some more. Mixing half of each batch together.:)  Strawberry/Rhubarb Wine Blend- Which is always a big hit in our area.

strawbeery wine
strawberry wine
Rhubarb wine
Rhubarb wine

Calories and Beer

Everyday I spend hours in my office. First getting the daily book work done, checking e-mails, Facebook,  reading new articles that are sent me through email and other social places. Then I double check the calendar of events and or appointment we have in the store. As I receive e-mails from several other web sites on a daily basis, which I will link at the bottom of this post for everyone.

Well in today’s e-mail from Brad Smith of, he took a look at the calories in beer. Nice, because I was always wondering. I will not post the entire article here, but just the part I feel the general public would be interested in. Will add link to site so you can read the entire article if you want.
Brad Smith Partial Article on Calories:
“Calorie Counting
“I’ll start with the god news first-an average 12oz. commercial beer has slightly less calories than a comparable soda or even a glass of juice. An average American lager (say Budweiser at 5% ABV) has about 145 calories for 12oz. A Coke classic runs about 155 calories for 12oz. and orange juice is about 184 calories.
If you drink light beer, they generally run from 110-112 calories per 12oz and have slightly less alcohol(average of about 4.2% alcohol), placing them well below regular soda or juice. Premium beers run a bit heavier- a Sam Adams Lager or Boston Ale has about 160 calories and high alcohol beers like New Belgium Trippel (7.8% alcohol) contains215 calories in a single 12oz serving.”

There is much more to this interesting blog. Here is the link  to the entire article:

They also have a neat program for beer recipes. I use it here at the store when I am converting or writing my own recipes. Worth checking out if you are into home brewing.
Another blog I read daily is from the ECkraus Company. They have many years of experience in the wine and beer industry. Here is the link to their blog main page:

Well this is all for the day

Happy Sipping !

Trying Something New


I am trying something new. I have made two good fresh fruit wines, a strawberry and blackberry. So on to a new adventure.
We just started stocking the Vintner’s Best Fruit Wine Base in the 1 gallon containers. So figured I had better learn the process of working with this product. Was it SO easy ! Instructions on the bottle. I made a strawberry and rhubarb. Not to wait for them to ferment and clear. I want to try and mix the two at bottling time. As that was one of the favorite fruit blends in our area.
Do you want to try  new hobby? Well that’s how our store got started ! My turning a home hobby into a business. The neat thing is there is something new all the time to learn and experiment with. Plus I get to talk and listen to some of the elders stories and adventures in making wine, beers and etc.  And as many places, we have a rich history in home crafted beverages. But those stories are for another blog.
Come and check out this product ! Any question, please leave a comment.
vb fruit base20160712_12240643
Happy Sipping